10 January 2019

Undiksha Expands Collaboration by Sending Teaching Practice and Job Training Program Abroad

Dozens of students at the University of Education Ganesha were released by the Rector, Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd., on Wednesday (1/9/2019). Those from nine study programs participated in the […]
25 December 2018

Central Luzon State University Visit

The visit of Central Luzon State University Philippines to Undiksha aimed to establish cooperation with Undiksha in particular and strengthen international relations between Indonesia and the Philippines in general. In […]
24 October 2018

Undiksha and Keningau Vocational College

As the follow-up activities after Undiksha became part of the Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization (SEAMEO) which is one of the international organizations focused on advancing education in education, […]
16 October 2018

NYP YEP Lion Hearts 4.0 with Undiksha

This year is the fourth time UNDIKSHA organized cooperation with Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore (NYP). The partnership program is NYP Social Entrepreneurship which is designed to identify, determine, investigate and act […]
15 September 2018

Bali Floresa Educational Tours 2018

Educational tours had been done from April to December 2018 as a form of Undiksha partnership with Bali Floresa Adventure. During this visit, tourists who visit can get information about […]
1 July 2018

New Class from ICEE for Undiksha

Undiksha and International Centre for English Excellence or ICEE partnership had been developed for a year. This year, ICEE held a new class for Lecturer of Undiksha named Speaking Class. […]