Releasing and Welcoming Students of Exchange Programs between Undiksha and International Partner Institutions: A Realization of Internationalization at Home

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3 August 2019
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31 August 2019

A number of 65 students of Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) are going abroad to participate in Field Experience, Teaching Practicum and Internship programs. The programs are aimed to support international at home, in which the students from various study programs are expected to become human beings who possess skills of industrial revolution 4.0 era. In addition to sending students, Undiksha also receives a number of students from overseas for the same program.

Chief of Institute of Instructional Development and Quality Assurance, Prof. Dr. A.A.I.N. Marhaeni, M.A in her report to Rector of Undiksha revealed that there are 98 students in total who take part in the program this year. The details for the period of January-February as many as 33 students have finished their programs and for the period of July-September there are 65 students sent in several universities in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Those students who participate in this program are from 12 study programs. Meanwhile, the students participating in inbound programs of teaching practicum and internship in Undiksha are 27 students coming from several universities in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The number of incoming students increases every year. This signifies that more and more students trust Undiksha as a preferable place to conduct their international programs.

Undiksha Rector, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd, appreciated the participation of students in the programs which have been started since 2017. That is as the realization to support Internationalization at Home (IaH) Program that is launched in 2019. “To realize the program, we do not only accept students from overseas partner institutions, but also send them,” he emphasized, accompanied by Vice Rector on Academic Affairs and Partnership, Dr. Gede Rasben Dantes, S.T., M.TI. Through the program, students are expected to not only strengthen their knowledge, but also exchange cultures that can improve the quality of self. They not only develop congnitive competence, but more importantly to be human beings who have 4 competences in the industrial revolution 4.0, namely critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Prof. Jampel also emphasized in his speech to Undiksha students to keep implement Tri Hita Karana philosophy, that is maintaining good relations with God, with other humans, and the environment. This universal philosophy becomes the foundation in accomplishing Undiksha’s vision as an excellent university in Asia in 2045. “I want the students of Undiksha to be role models there. They can get good interpersonal skills, to be humans with integrity. We will use them as mentors later for other students,” he said.

One of the students, Made Septi Dwi Indrayani appreciated this program. Through this program, she and other students can broaden their experience that is considered very important for their future. “We are very pleased to participate in this program because we can have extra knowledge and experience,” she conveyed. (written by Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A., Head of Office of International Affairs and Partnerhsip)