Building up International Cooperation with Jilin International Studies University (JISU)
1 July 2019
Strengthening and Extending Partnership with Japanese Institutions
21 July 2019

Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) continues to improve the mastery of English for the students and lecturers. One of them is through the English Immersion Camp program which is held in a collaboration with the International Center for English Excellence (ICEE). The program which was joined by 49 participants was opened by Undiksha Vice Rector I on academic affairs and partnership, Dr. I Gede Rasben Dantes, S.T., M.TI., in Room Ganesha 3 on the15th of July 2019.

The former Undiksha Vice Dean on academic affairs of Faculty of Engineering and Vocational Training revealed that the international language teaching is very necessary to improve competitiveness in the world of workplace, especially in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. “This activity is very good and very important, both for students and lecturers. This is a continuation of ICEE project which has been carried out in Undiksha since two years ago, “he said.
Furthermore, the activities which are packaged in the form of a one-week camp will provide a different nuance for the participants. There will be a more massive social interaction with many people from different countries so that they are able to practice working with teams. “This activity makes them not only learn about the language, but also the culture, “he said.
In addition to the program, the university with eight faculties also accommodates teaching English in curriculum with a minimum of six semester credit units for study programs outside of English Language Education. Not only that, it also strengthens competitiveness, students are also given the space to study subjects outside of their main study program. The opening ceremony was witnessed by the Director of Global Collaboration Community Environment, Prof. L.E. Redick and was attended by 21 teaching assistants from various countries.