Strengthening and Extending Partnership with Japanese Institutions
21 July 2019
Pre-Departure Training for Overseas Internship and Teaching Practicum Students in Four Different Countries
30 July 2019

Universitas Pendidikan Genesha (Undiksha) collaborating with International Center for English Excellence (ICEE) has finished conducting a one-week English Immersion Program on the 20th of July 2019. This program was the first time handled in Undiksha and participated by 49 students from various study programs and was held mainly in Jinengdalem campus. There were 21 coaches involved to help the students of Undiksha improve their communication skill in English.
Representing Rector of Undiksha, the Head of Office of International Affairs and Partnership, Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A. stated her happiness that all of the students eventually found the program was so much fun and made them able to practise English and be more confident to use it. Dr Ratminingsih also explained in her speech that in the opening ceremony both Rector of Undiksha and Director of ICEE Prof. Lisa also stressed that the collaboration between Undiksha and ICEE will continue for at least the next 5 years. It was also emphasized that if possible, ICEE team would be given the opportunity to promote the activities during OKK (Orientation of Campus Life) to new coming students in August. The Rector also recommended that the new lecturers who were accepted last year would be required to join ICEE program to prepare them to give lectures in English for international students. Meanwhile, Prof. Lisa also suggested to ICEE team, in the future, before holding more camp activities, they should consider the students’ schedules, so that they can get a lot more participants.
She also expressed her great gratitude to all the coaches who have committed to help Undiksha students to explore further to be better in the future. She also thanked all the committee members led By Ms Ida Ayu Istri Utami, without them the program would not have happened successfully. Last but not least, she also asked for apology for any inconvenience happened during the program. And she hoped it could be continued better in the next year.
In the middle of the closing ceremony, Vice Rector I of Undiksha, Dr. I Gede Rasben Dantes, M.TI appeared and was also invited to give a brief speech. He emphasized that this program was very beneficial for the students to improve their ability in communicating in English. He expected ICEE team to be able to promote the activities not only to students but also to lecturers of Undiksha. He lastly did not forget to express his thanks to all of the ICEE team who have wholeheartedly helped Undiksha students to be better and prepare for their future. The program was ended by distributing certificates of participations to all of the participants.