Farewell Meeting for Mariano Marcos Stated University
15 February 2019
Meeting with Bali Institute staff for Upcoming Partnership Program
20 February 2019

Committee meeting of the preparation of batch 4 ICEE 2 programs, conversation class for students and speaking class for lecturers had been held in 19th of Feb 2019. In this meeting, the committee organised the preparation for ICEE 2 Batch 4 program.

Undiksha and International Centre for English Excellence or ICEE partnership had been developed for years. This year, ICEE held a new class for Lecturer of Undiksha named Speaking Class. Speaking Class and Conversation class (for Student) aim the same goal which can improve confidence in using their own speaking skill. Teaching techniques that used by the ICEE instructor team are group learning methods, where students will interact with each other in the group and be accompanied by an ICEE instructor.