Undiksha Expands Collaboration by Sending Teaching Practice and Job Training Program Abroad
10 January 2019
Outbound Program Overseas Students 2019
3 February 2019

Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) received eleven students from three universities in the Philippines to take part in the Field Recognition Program (PPL) and Job Training (PKL) for the period January-February 2019. Acceptance Ceremony was held by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Putu Arnyana, M.Sc., that took place at the Ganesha I Rectorate Room on Monday (1/28/2019).

The students were coming from different countries. Two people came from Mariano Marcos University, six from Tarlac Agricultural University, two from ISAT U Philippines and one from NEUST Philippines. Eight of them participated in the Teaching Pratice at the Faculty of Engineering and Championship (FTK) and the Undiksha Lab School and three field practice students in tourism at Puri Bagus Hotel, Buleleng, which lasted for one month. Further conveyed, the implementation of this program by Undiksha is also to support the internationalization at home launched by the Rector in 2019. Through this, it is hoped that a collaborative education sector will continue to emerge.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of LPPPM, Prof. Marhaeni also said something similar. This program not only focuses on academics, but also becomes a medium for the introduction of culture. Previously, this university which had the Faculty of Medicine received eight students for a similar program. Besides that, he also sent 33 students to the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. This program is also running for the period July-August 2019.