Undiksha and Keningau Vocational College
24 October 2018
Undiksha Expands Collaboration by Sending Teaching Practice and Job Training Program Abroad
10 January 2019

The visit of Central Luzon State University Philippines to Undiksha aimed to establish cooperation with Undiksha in particular and strengthen international relations between Indonesia and the Philippines in general.

In this activity, the Organizing Committee held two meetings, namely the Preparatory Meeting and Finalization Meeting before the arrival of Delegates from Central Luzon State University Philippines. In the meeting held at the Undiksha Vice Rector IV Meeting Room, the Committee discussed matters needed related to several activities carried out which included accommodation and transportation, invitations to be invited to the Cultural Night and FGD Events, loans room and discussion of time related to the tour program. The events that will be held to welcome the CLSU Delegation are Tour events, Cultural Night and the Signing of the MoU, as well as the Focus Group Discussion program. Undiksha in this case facilitated transportation and accommodation and became an organizer in Cultural Night activities and the Signing of the MoU between Undiksha and CLSU on December 22-24 2018