NYP YEP Lion Hearts 4.0 with Undiksha
16 October 2018
Central Luzon State University Visit
25 December 2018

Delegation of KVC and Undiksha at Edutel

As the follow-up activities after Undiksha became part of the Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization (SEAMEO) which is one of the international organizations focused on advancing education in education, science and culture in Southeast Asia, Keningau Vocational College Malaysia visited Undiksha to establish cooperation with Undiksha in particular and strengthening Indonesia’s international relations with Malaysia in general. There were 10 delegates from KVC who visited Undiksha, consisting of the Director, Head of General Education, Head of Quality Assurance, Head of Early Childhood Education Program, Head of Hospitality Department, Head of Electrical Technology Program, Head of Research and Innovation, Head of Public Relations and Students of the Early Childhood Education Program. The event lasted for 2 days, from September 22 and 23, 2018. In this event, KVC had the opportunity to get to know Puri Bagus Hotel as a practice place for Undiksha students and also tourist attractions in Buleleng Regency. In addition, KVC and Undiksha also conducted Focus Group Discussions which activated several departments in Undiksha and the event ended with a Cultural Night event and the signing of an MoU between Undiksha and KVC.


MOU Signing and Cultural Exchange Night


The Partnership is Published in the Newspaper