Social Enterpreneurship Workshop Collaboration with Long Island University

Conversation Class Program with International Centre for English Excellence
28 December 2017
Juara III Stan Terbaik dalam BEE ke-3 Tahun 2018
15 June 2018

Undiksha and Long Island University Student

Undiksha held a practicum with Bali Institute for Global Renewal, which has a home base in Ubud and also includes Long Island University to teach students to identify, determine, investigate and act on social problems. The activity that held from 2 to 8 May 2018 trained students in social entrepreneurship field. This activity also involved community development and business models to overcome social problems, both by creating and disseminating new technologies, encouraging the growth of micro-enterprises and microfinance, or building sustainable non-governmental organizations. This program is expected to teach students to use action-research principles to create sustainable projects to overcome social problems.

During this training, students from Long Island University in collaboration with colleagues from Undiksha have conducted research in Singaraja to address social problems, such as: environment, education, health, and rural development, the role of the community for tourism and agriculture, or conflicts between efforts ” modernization “and” traditional “to find the best solution in Bali, especially in Singaraja.


Social Enterpreneurship Workshop