Conversation Class Program with International Centre for English Excellence

Education Tourism Program with FLORESA TOUR GROUP 2017
6 December 2017
Social Enterpreneurship Workshop Collaboration with Long Island University
9 May 2018


As a manifestation of the implementation of the collaboration between Undiksha and International Centre for English Excellence (ICEE), Undiksha held a Conversation Class targeting the teaching of English at the university.

Conversation class activities held in collaboration between Undiksha and ICEE is aimed to provide English short courses to students who are interested in improving their English skills, especially speaking skills. Teaching techniques carried out by the ICEE instructor team are group learning methods, where students will interact with each other in the group and be accompanied by an ICEE instructor. This activity was carried out from 25 October – 27 December 2017. The benefits gained from this activity are Undiksha and its civitas under the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education will be able to increase the ability to add insight in the field of science through a deeper program within or abroad, especially in the field of language, especially in English.


Conversation Class with ICEE