Internship Program of Prince of Songkhla University Students in Undiksha 2017

Undiksha and Simmons University at Global Corps 2017
27 June 2017
Undiksha dalam Pameran Pembangunan Tahun 2017
30 August 2017

PSU Students in UNDIKSHA

Internship program is one of the requirements to complete the education process. There are two types of internships at Undiksha, namely domestic internships and foreign internships. Undiksha foreign internships use the “student exchange” system in which there are Undiksha students who go abroad and there will be foreign students who enter Undiksha. The foreign student internship program at Undiksha is a follow-up to the Undiksha Cooperation Agreement with overseas universities. One of them is the Student Internship Program from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand at Undiksha.

There are 6 students from Prince of Songkla University who interned at Undiksha, of which 5 people interned at Faculty of Mathematics and Science and 1 interned at the Undiksha Cooperation Office. The five students who interned at Faculty of Mathematics and Science were Jutamas Ragchad, Obfa Heebkaew, Kajonsak Chumthong, Chaknarong Khanom and Kiadtikon Sawekwate, while 1 student who was interning at the Cooperation Office was Danusorn Shritongkul.

The six students held an internship at Undiksha for 3 months, where 5 students conducted internships at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science from June 2 to July 1, 2017 while 1 student interned at the Cooperation Office from August 1 to December 4, 2017. The internship activities took place through 3 stages: Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation stages.

The benefits of Internship activities are to be able to unite ideas between native students and immigrant students to be able to unite their ideas in overcoming a problem or other new discovery so that students in Undiksha are ready to compete and develop their research both domestically and abroad. This collaboration is to build a network of cooperation between Undiksha and domestic and foreign universities that will make it easier to conduct activities related to university development in general and student development in particular and with this cooperative relationship Undiksha has a great opportunity to compete internationally.