Undiksha as Host of Educational Technology World Conference

Menambah Wawasan Siswa Melalui Buleleng Education Expo
5 June 2016
Undiksha dalam Pameran Pembangunan Tahun 2016
30 August 2016

Ganesha University of Education Singaraja had the opportunity to host ETWC or Educational Technology World Conference which is an international conference held in the Asia Pacific region. The conference held from 31 July to 3 August 2016 at the Inna Sanur Hotel invited professional speakers in their fields to provide insight into the topics taken. This conference was fully supported by AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology), Home Major International Professional Educators, and Coordination of Private Universities Region VIII, Jakarta State University in collaboration with Undiksha and Mahendradatta University as the host in this activity.

The theme of this conference is “Educational Technology to Improve Quality and Access to Education for Prosperous Society” which is expected to provide insight and knowledge from speakers who are experts in their fields. The conference aimed to provide space for relevant parties, in this case are speakers with international standards, who collaborate to share information related to the issues discussed. In addition, Undiksha and its staff under the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education as one of the hosts can provide benefits in the form of increasing relations to exchange information.

Educational Technology World Conference